Thurston County Food Project

Next food pick-up for our neighborhood: Saturday, June 10th, 9:30am

Projects such as TCFP are vital to the food bank’s health, and to those that depend on it — your donations supply the food bank with an ongoing, steady supply of food.

As a reminder, the Food Bank is always excited to receive proteins such as canned fish, meat, peanut butter, beans.  It’s ok to put produce in your bag as well.

What generosity Carlyon/North residents have shown over the past two years providing food for others in our neighborhood and town in need! Great work, and please help spread the word about this great program!

We are also looking for donations to help defray the costs incurred by C/NNA to keep the TCFP running smoothly.  Money would be used to buy additional green bags and to help repair our reader boards with new plastic sleeves.  It would also be used to help make some new flyers that are laminated with a sturdier product, so they hold up better in the rain and with constant use.   There are two ways you can help with this:

  • Join or renew your membership with CNNA.  It’s $10.00 per year, per household
  • Make a small cash or check donation to CNNA.

Feel free to put a well-marked envelope out with your green bag.  Simply let us know your intention with the money inside, membership, donation to CNNA for these costs, or donation to the Food Bank.  You can also mail your membership or donation directly to CNNA-Treasurer, 3203 Lorne St SE, Olympia 98501.

Please know that you are NOT required to be a member of CNNA to participate in TCFP, nor are you required to make a donation.  But if you do, we thank you.


Want to participate? Here are the basics:

  • Food pick-ups are the 2nd Saturday, every other month (April 8, June 10, August 12, October 14, December 9….)
  • To sign-up, contact us at with your name and street address. We will then provide you a green bag.
  • To donate food, just put the green bag (or other bag) with food on your front porch by 9:30am on the pick-up day.
  • Cash or check is always welcome, just seal it in an envelope with “Food Bank” & “C/NNA” in big letters and drop it in your bag. Make checks out to Thurston County Food Bank.

And, some additional details…

  • If you oversleep or just forget to put your bag out, you can run it over to Pioneer Elementary between 10-12pm behind the school in the play shed/bus parking area. Or just put your bag away and put it out next time.
  • Extra bounty from your garden, or extra produce from your stop at Costco is welcome along with non-perishables.  Too many apples dropping off your tree?  Just pack them up for the food bank!
  • If your own cupboards are running low, don’t feel bad leaving just a can or two out, or even taking a month off.
  • Going away?  Shoot an email and include your phone number and we can arrange to pick up your bag earlier in the week.  No time to make special arrangements?  No worries, just go have fun and we will catch you next time!
  • Looking to pay 2017 C/NNA dues for your household? Just put $10 (cash or a check to C/NNA) in an envelope marked with “C/NNA” and your name, and attach it clearly to your green bag. 
    • You do not need to be a member of C/NNA to participate in the TCFP, but C/NNA dues help to support the project.

Want to volunteer to assist with pick-ups or to sort food at Pioneer Elementary?

  • Contact Carlyon/North’s TCFP coordinator Mary Meteyer if you want to volunteer to assist with pick-ups on either a one-time or ongoing basis.  Give her a call at 360-357-6481, or drop us an e-mail at It’s fun to see our neighborhood coming together and helping others!
Last but not least, a big thank you to all our current participants and volunteers! You are making a big difference in our community!

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